Meet the Founders

Co-founders Kaye and Laure were friends and colleagues working in Renewable Energy and Sustainability prior to founding Chop-Chop London.

As patrons of the hair industry themselves- they came into the industry trying to solve problems they had genuinely experienced.   Having a diverse group of friends with all hair types, they realised they all couldn’t go to one hair salon and expect to be catered for. They also struggled to find centrally located hair salons that offered easy access to booking, flexible service hours that matched their busy lifestyles, at an affordable price. So, like all true problem solvers, they sought to be a part of the change they wanted to see.

On the 30th of January 2018 Chop-Chop London was launched with the mantra “No Gender No Texture Just Hair” and a mission to:


  • Be a catalyst of the change that ends gender based price discrimination in the hair industry
  • Provide a salon service that is representative of the diversity we find in our communities
  • Give consumers like us greater control and convenience over where and when you get your hair cut/styled/groomed. So you do not have to choose between looking your best and whatever other cherished activities that give you happiness.
  • To become the world’s most sustainable salon brand (we believe good business practice can go hand in hand with profitability
  • Improve the lives of everyone of our stylist/barber partners.

Kaye is CEO and Creative Director at Chop-Chop London. His background is in Business development and Marketing. He is a fitness enthusiast and social creature, with an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Laure: Is CFO at Chop-Chop London. She’s an Engineer with an MBA. A nature and architecture enthusiast. In her free time Laure loves to take long walks whenever she has free time.