The Chop-Chop Pod

The Pod is a significant element of what makes Chop Chop unique. A mobile, light structure which welcomes each customer in to an elegant piece of architectural design.

The Pod is the brain child of chopchopldn but it was given life by Coline, our multi-skilled designer and space architect.

Desiring an environmentally friendly work station, we approached the pod with a minimalist design, focusing on the customers’ needs whilst minimising space and material. The design is pure yet edgy, creating an atmosphere that fosters creativity for our stylists and calmness for our customers.

The pods folding structure was designed taking inspiration from the travel suitcase which needs to be functional, durable and easy to move with.


A black metal frame and polycarbonate envelope expresses an accessible service while referring to temporary structure. It brings a timeless fashion aesthetic similar to a backstage environment, where everything is in motion to prepare for the show. This look and feel guides the customer toward a quick, fun and playful experience. 

A bit as Edward Scissors Hands- the magic will appear in no time!