Our service Menu is designed to avoid gender bias, hence we don’t specify gender on the menu.

  • If you are a man, woman or non-binary with short hair that requires using clipper on the back and side please select a service under our Barbering section
  • If you have long hair up to your shoulder and below and require a trim- please select a service under Trims
  • If you have long hair and would like to cut up to two inches and above- please see our Restyle sections
  • I have Afro or curly hair type– Please ensure you select your hair type when booking. By selecting your hair type- only the stylist who have been trained on your hair type will show up or assigned to you when booking.

When it comes to colour there are currently no shortcuts to get you the quality result you deserve- so we take our time and follow the manufacturers guidelines. Therefore, all our prices and times are from and should not be seen as the final price. First step is to book a service and we will contact you to book for a consultation and patch test. Following your consultation, you will be advised on if you booked the correct service, advice on your selection, length of time, colour quantity and final price.

If you are anxious about colouring your hair, you can opt for a non-permanent colour. However, this is good if you have lighter coloured hair already. if you have darker hair (dark brown to black) and would like to go above 2 shades lighter- bleaching is required. We have a range a treatments and aftercare products that contain protein and deep moisturising plant-based ingredients to keep your hair health great. Book in to find out more.

Booking availabilities are shown once you have selected your preferred salon location, you can also select a stylist to see their availability.

Firstly please check your junk or spam mail folders.

Check your email address is correct on your account:

Go to bookings.chopchoplondon.com or click “Book Now”

Sign in

Go to your profile, click edit

Ensure your email is correct then save

To use your loyalty points you need to accrue a minimum of 5 points

Book your appointment as usual

Arrive for your appointment and notify your stylist that you would like to use your loyalty points

Points will be applied before you are checked out.

To check your loyalty points, go to bookings.chopchoplondon.com or “Book Now” link

Sign in (top right of your screen)

Go to the loyalty tab

Go to Fresha or click “Book Now”

Click Refer a friend and follow the instructions

Go to Fresha or click “Book Now” at the top

Sign in (top right of your screen)

Select Upcoming Appointments

Then reschedule/cancel.

You have up to 24 hours before the booking to reschedule cuts or styling appointments. Upto 24hrs to cancel/reschedule colour appointments without charge (see T&Cs page for more details)

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