What people say

Excellent service, good vibes, friendly staff and great hair cut. Diana knows curly hair very well, I left feeling amazing, will be returning


In short: I’m a busy, detail oriented professional Designer with a tricky haircut. Chop-Chop is my go-to hair salon in London – they’re quick, easy, and they get it right every time.


Great experience! I was about to take the tube at Old Street Station when I saw this new Hair Salon! Perfect opportunity to try something new: no appointment, fast and cheap!


Fab experience at Chop-Chop. It was my second time visiting, both times the service has been super friendly and I love my blunt bob cut. Super good value and easy too – only take 20 minutes! Great if you’re looking for a cheap haircut in London.


Full of that entrepreneurial spirit. Fresh, new and artistic. Really enjoyed getting my hair cut. It was a beautiful experience that they captured.








Craving a new look but got commitment issues ? We feel you. Explore the lookbook below and take your pick. “Be Unapologetically who you are and stay beautiful”

Textured Short Fringe

Modelled by Alec

Finger Wave Slick Back

Modelled by America

Hong Kong Restyle

Modelled by Bet

Twisted Chignon

Modelled by Dani

Blunt Chop

Modelled by Gary

Slick Twist Chignon

Modelled by Georgia

V-Crop Fade

Modelled by Josh

Cut-In Fringe Restyle

Modelled by Kim

Enhanced Curl Fade

Modelled by Lewis

King Art High-Top

Modelled by Marques

Classic Low Cut

Modelled by Moses

Curl on Fleek

Modelled by Nush

Tapered Curly Cut

Modelled by Odile

Blunt Chop

Modelled by Olivia

Tapered Afro Cut

Modelled by Proscovia

Layered Loose Curls

Modelled by Rebecca

Monroe Ripple

Modelled by Rebecca

Wavy Top Cornrow Braid

Modelled by Rebecca

Short Chop

Modelled by Siane

Gothic Chop

Modelled by Yota